A nursery is a privileged place of relaxation, exchanges, and tenderness, which is worthy of conceptualization considering the family values, the welfare of your kids as well as its good development. Several details regarding the layout, the right choice of colors and materials for the decoration of the room will have a significant impact on the growth of the child. Firstly by the visual aspect and, later, by the sense of organization and the growth of autonomy. It will be essential to create a reassuring environment adapted to the awakening of an organized decor, well-furnished and colorful!

The Psychology of Colors

The selection of colors is often centered on our aesthetic sense. Know however that it is the psychological effect of each color that plays a role on the emotional aspect of life, our mood, and that creates the atmosphere and the personality of a room. Already, at birth, babies perceive contrasts and a few weeks of life, they can make the difference between certain colors. Brighter and brighter colors, such as red and green, for example, will attract their attention and it takes an expert in the field of painting such as the painting company Toronto to display this smart skills in beautifying a room with colors.  The colors that you attribute to your baby’s environment will ensure to awaken his senses!

When Deco Contributes to the Development of the Child

Beyond the ideas of decoration, you must think that, quickly, the play will evolve into a playground and, later, a refuge for pre-teens! To help children’s independence during their development, consider providing a well-organized space. Start by making available, proper lighting for each specific area of activity.

A room must always have three types of lighting, which are;

General Lighting

Illumination fills the mass of space and illuminates the whole room evenly. It is the most efficient and important light source. It eliminates shadows on people’s faces and makes more sense to the colors and textures that make up the room. You can create it using a ceiling lamp centered in the room or by wall sconces.

Functional Lighting

Used to facilitate the tasks of a particular area. Maybe a floor lamp near the rocking chair for the reading area? Or a wall lamp above the changing table?

Accent Lighting or Decorative

It reinforces the atmosphere of the room. It is used to highlight an object, a segment of furniture or a particular accessory. Think for example of a decorative canvas, an architectural detail that is the charm of the place.

The light gives a lot to decorate our way of life, as well as to create a pleasurable atmosphere. Just choose the right lighting to provide for everyone.

In order to enhance your child’s learning, make yourself aware of the storage aspect of their environment. Whether for toys or for their thousand and one clothes, there must be a place for everything to be in its place. What’s more reassuring than a well-organized universe? We would like our toddler to learn to dress alone, but we often neglect to make it easy for him. Clothing poles must be accessible and within reach. Why not put a mirror on their feet? It will help the child visualize his actions and even develop his senses. Assign different colors to the storage baskets where he has to store his toys, and he can easily identify the location of his favorite figurines. Depending on the age of your child, involve him in your decoration project, because after all, it will be his little world to him. It is interesting that he makes his contribution!

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