During the summer, there is a great temptation to use air conditioning but know that there are solutions to keep a cool home without the systematic usage of air conditioning. Most people are unaware of this method then end of rushing to get an air conditioner for fear of heat during summer. Here are the little tips to follow in order to lower the temperature and blow the energy bill.

Safeguard your Window from the Sun

You can actually protect your windows away from the sun with awnings or shutters. In summer, by tapping on windows, the sun can raise the indoor temperature by 10 degrees. Lower the blinds or close the shutters, this can decrease the temperature rise. Otherwise, interior blinds or curtains, less effective, can, however, limit the discomfort due to heat, think about it before leaving home in the morning!

Close your Windows and Doors during the Day, Open them at Night

By not closing the windows and doors during the hot hours, you bring the heat into the dwelling. The idea is to close the windows and also the doors as soon as the outside temperature exceeds the climate of the housing, leave them open at night so that the fresh air will cool your interior. You can trade on the advantage of the lowest temperatures to cool your home by creating small drafts in rooms where you cannot sleep.

Turn Off your Electrical Devices

Check that the electrical devices are put off (and not in a standby state). All electrical devices overheat the parts while operating, turning off unused appliances limits heat input into the house. The standby devices (television, hi-fi system, video recorder, decoder, computer) and the small devices remaining connected to the socket (laptop charger) continue to consume when the device doesn’t work. Simply connect these devices to a socket with switch them all off at one time.

Check that your Lamps are all Equipped with Low Energy Bulbs

Low energy light bulbs consume 4 to 5 times less electricity. Their lifespan is 6 to 10 years, and they emit little heat. Avoid the use of high power halogen lamps (200 or even 500 watts) that dissipate a lot of heat, adapt your lighting to your needs and naturally favor the contributions of innate lighting.

Defrost often your Refrigerator and Freezer

As soon as you notice a layer of frost of more than 3 mm, think of defrosting because, with frost, the consumption of your devices can increase up to 20%. Also avoid opening too often your fridge and freezer, in summer, it can double or even triple the electricity consumption of your device, and make sure you switch off all electrical gadget before leaving your home or going on a long journey.

However, all the above tips can help in a great way but not when the windows are not placed towards the right direction and the house well ventilated by having double window point in your territory. You can consult an expert in windows and doors Brampton for the quality installation of your window and equally for advice for a cross ventilation in your home.

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